Mod «Millennium Dawn Submod: Japan Overhaul» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.12)

Millennium Dawn Submod: Japan Overhaul

This mod changes Japan's national focus in Millennium Dawn into more historical (but more glitchy) things.

About more than four years ago, I played Millennium Dawn (today's Classic one) first time and was amazed, but except one thing - the Japan's national focus tree.
It didn't move historically (in my memory it could make the constitutional amendment before 2009) and lacked many feature from Japan's actual happened political, social and natural events.
Then I have started to recreate the Japan's national focus to be historical.
In this three years there was plenty of events in real Japan.
I had met so many updates on Hoi4, the epic merge of Millennium Dawn with Modern Day 4, as well as annoying social real-life incidents.
Therefore the uploading this submod was delayed to 2019 for the rearrengement and reconfiguration.
I assure this mod would be never completed forever because the real social situation is still changing - at least, so far as the release of Hearts of Iron V or some epic change in Millennium Dawn.
There has so many lacked or flawed contents in gaming or reading such as the detailed text of caused event or AI's moves, zero event picture, ambigous and incomprehensible English, and some unexpected global moves despite checking on the historical path.


  • Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod

22.03.22 (1.11.9)


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