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TWR Expanded & Tweaks

TWR Elections Expanded is a Submod designed to add more election features to TWR, with the current state of TWR having election content that mostly ends about 1958.
The Submods current main feature is it adds a 1960 election for the USA, alongside events and a expanded USA focus tree.

Democratic Candidates :

Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. : In the TWR timeline, due to the United States not getting involved in the Second World War, the oldest Kennedy son doesn't die in Western Europe and instead gets involved in politics. (He can become president after the Coup as well in base TWR). Is a fiscal conservative and his Vice President is George Smathers, a Florida based Senator.

Lyndon B. Johnson: Ran in the 1960 primaries and was Vice President under Kennedy in OTL. Is a Market Liberal and his Vice President once elected is Stuart Symington.

 Symington: A Senator from Missouri from 1953. Was backed by Ex-President Harry Truman. Symington, unlike Kennedy or Johnson refused to speak to segregated audiences in OTL. Is a Social Liberal and his Vice President once elected is Robert Meyner the governor of New Jersey.
Hubert Humphrey: Is a Senator from Minnesota. Can become President in earlier elections in base TWR. He is a market Liberal and once elected his Vice President is Lyndon B. Johnson.

If the current President is a Democrat, the incumbent will be automatically nominated at the convention.

Republican Candidates:

Richard Nixon: Was the Republican Candidate in OTL. He is a fiscal conservative and his Vice President if elected is Henry Cabot Lodge.

Nelson Rockefeller: Businessman and Governor of New York. In OTL Rockefeller dropped out early in the race due to the fact Nixon had considerably higher support in polls. In this timeline, due to Nixon not serving as Vice President under Eisenhower, he had less prominence in national politics, and the race is much more close. He is a Market Liberal and his Vice President is Robert Anderson.

If the current President is a Republican, the incumbent will be automatically nominated at the convention.

Focus Tree Preview:

The main changes are a mutual focus between Passing the Civil Rights Act to end segregation in the South and a focus to suppress the protests. Both have different outcomes and repercussions!

November 1963 Assassination Attempt:

One event that I thought would be hard to not include would be the 22nd November 1963 assassination of JFK in OTL. Come the 22nd, whoever is the President will suffer a assassination's attempt in Dallas too. There is a 60% chance the attempt will succeed, however if it doesn't then the current President will stay for the rest of their term. If they are killed, the current Vice President takes over.

Minor features:

Additionally to the US election, the mod includes a number of fixes, minor improvements from a less extensive submod i made a month or so ago.

The Thousand Week Reich mod is required to work.

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