Mod «Goodbye, Sweet Europe - A Kaiserredux Submod» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.11.1 - 1.11.8)

Goodbye, Sweet Europe - A Kaiserredux Submod

What if Napoleon and Robert Brasillach went full Totalitarian and National-Monarchist?

Play through a bloody civil war with Commune of France and proclaim the French Empire!

Install a Totalitarian Napoleonic Dictatorship, and dominate Europe!

Mod Includes

  • Civil War for Commune of France!
  • New Focus Icons and Focus Tree for Brasillach and Napoleon French Empire
  • New Events!
  • Much more!

How do I play as French Empire?

  1. You must investigate the Robert Brasillach meeting, click the option that says "Maybe we should"
  2. Then you must go through a set of events about Robert Brasillach, and appoint and get him to the government
  3. Choose the first option "While it sounds kinda chauvinistic..."
  4. Then, you must reach no-majority victory in Communard Elections. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO DO THAT
  5. When no-major party wins, take the last option "the one that should not"
  6. Wait some time, and BANG, civil war is here!

The mod Kaiserredux: A Kaiserreich Expansion is required.

  • Play as Slovakia, to get any ideology path and conquer the world!
  • Want a Free Territory of Europe as Anarchist Slovakia? You can!
  • Want Nat-TransHumanist Štefánik? You have it!
  • To get Slovakia as independent state, play as Hungary and wait until Black Monday. Then, you will get events about Slovak stuff and then they will rise up! Then go to decisions and decide the fate of Slovaks!

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thanks =D

02:33 (edited)

Is it normal that I don't get the events of the submod? I mean I get everything from kx morten but not goobyes sweet euro