Mod «Economic Crisis» for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.5)


Mod for Heart of Iron IV with timelines 2013 - 2035! The modern age of technology, economics, war!

Mod checked on game version: 1.10.5

Critical Fix

  • Global correction of supply area.

Minor Fix

  • Added events for Belarus.
  • Fixed localization of solutions.
  • Fixed terrain status for provinces: 12128, 11473, 10253, 12329, 7757, 7789, 12174, 1775, 4824, 7328, 4261 and 117.
  • Added industrial enterprises for Belarus.
  • Fixed the placement of buildings and airfields in different regions.
  • Added the Darien Gap regions divided between Colombia and Panama.
  • Fixed victory points and conducted audits in the following regions: Sima, Tatarstan, Chuang Son Mountains, Panama, Singapore, La Libertad, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Tubu, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tacheng, Beitun, Congo, Singapore, Northern Thailand, Mekong Lowlands and Eastern Cambodia.
  • Fixed the effect of withdrawing funds from the state reserve in the focus branch of the EAEU.
  • Fixed the issue of displaying the EAEU magic tricks from the start of the game.
  • Fixed withdrawal effects and withdrawal requirements in Belarus focuses.

Version 01.04.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.4)

Scripting Department

  • The EAEU has been reworked.
  • According to our idea, the EEU is a more centrist alliance than the EU, however, in the past, the EEU was considered as a kind of USSR 2.0 with a stupid imitation of its neighbors.
  • Now, the EEU is the economic union that it should be.
  • Specifically for the EEU, it was necessary to develop a kind of system of supranational unions.
  • > Similarity because, according to the developer himself, it does not reach the title of the system.
  • 26 tricks were developed instead of 4. However, in addition to their increase, these focuses are available for all countries that may be the EEU, however, they will appear only after joining the EEU.
  • We have developed a lot of solutions specifically for the EEU, at the moment, their number is 36 pieces.
  • With the development of the EAEU, the capabilities of the union itself will expand. However, it should be borne in mind that it will not be very cheap. You will need a huge amount of money.
  • However, all members of the EEU will be able to explore different focuses and thus invest in the EEU.
  • The Eurasian Fund, also known as the Eurasian Bank in further development, will serve as the general budget of the EAEU, as well as the possibility of financing all-Union infrastructure projects.
  • However, if you fail to fulfill your membership obligations, you may be excluded from the EEU, along with this you will lose all the effects and investments.
  • Initially, the EEU bank will not be available, but everything is understood with development.
  • The EEU will expand freely, unlike the EU. The leader of the EAEU will make the decision on joining.
  • Also, the leadership of the EAEU will be transferred every year between all its members.
  • The EEU also has its own diplomacy in development from the participating countries.
    • Limited reasons for war for Japan.
    • Implemented a rollback of submission with resistance in the region of more than 20%.
    • Implemented a reduction in the increase in polit. points and the decline/increase in the popularity of the party with changes in tax policy.


  • Events for the return of territories have been worked out.
  • Improved events for the creation of unions.
  • Added new magic tricks.
  • Added a description of magic tricks.
  • Some magic tricks got icons.
  • Added new nats. perfume.
  • Added new starting nats. perfume.
  • Improved the focus of European integration.
  • A global reshuffle was made.
  • Various fixes to events.
  • Improved the focus of foreign and domestic policy, as well as industry.
  • Replaced some magic tricks with new ones.
  • Reduced the number of days to study some magic tricks.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

Technology Department

  • Added items for upgrading wheeled vehicles-mobility and gun.
  • Added a reservation upgrade point for wheeled and tracked light vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug with resetting the cost when upgrading reliability.
  • Artillery has been added the ability to upgrade firepower, reliability, and cheapness.
  • Given the opportunity to upgrade the "Unmanned OBT" by the method of other tanks.
  • Added a point to reduce the cost of army uniforms, ATGM and MANPADS.
  • Assigned to the basic support technology.
  • Belarus warehouse has been updated.

The exact list of changes can be found at this [link](


  • Fixed a bug with the display of icons for the window for selecting the control mode over controlled territories.
  • The window of small ideas has been turned over. Increased the number of displayed ideas in a row to 14 pieces.
  • For beginners, an inscription with a field for selecting diplomatic actions has been added.
  • Turned over the intelligence summary.
  • The display of GDP and energy supply was also restored.
  • Implemented the initial display of the last budget.
  • Fixed the color of the event timer.
  • Fixed the display of army icons.
  • Redesigned the interface of the laws on the list.

2D artists

  • Added images for:
    • Shilka
    • Tunguska
    • Buk
    • S-300
  • Redesigned the animation of research in technology.
  • Made an EU icon for Belarus and Japan magic tricks.
  • Made icons for the Antarctic Treaty, radioactive contamination, regional emigration, regional religious war, and the lifeless territories of Antarctica.

AI Development Department

  • Spelled out for AI-countries with no maritime borders ignoring fleet research in peacetime.

Map Development Department

  • Power plants are located in Italy.
  • Fixed the population of the Sichuan region.
  • Fixed the population of Spritely Island.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to build a nuclear power plant in Antarctica.
  • A Thai Channel project has been created.
  • The project of the Nicaraguan Canal has been created.
  • Added fuel tanks and a second-level radar to the Brest region.

Localization Department

  • Updated and translated into English the description of the types of terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where localization of difficulty levels was not displayed.
  • Difficulty levels are translated into English.
  • The "Occupied Territories" panel has been renamed to "Controlled Territories".
  • Fixed various duplicates and localization-related bugs.
  • Increased the number of quotes in Russian.
  • The exact list of changes can be found at this [link](<br>
  • The number of quotes in Russian and English are synchronized
  • Localization is prescribed for ATGM and MANPADS.
  • Added localization of wheeled vehicles.
  • Added localization of aviation.
  • Improved localization of artillery.
  • Updated English localization.
  • Fixed an issue where some sea channels and straits were not localized.


Version 03.03.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3 - 1.10.4)

  • Hotfix


Version 01.03.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3 - 1.10.4)

Scripting Department:

  • A separate display of the condition for electricity trade has been made if the exported country does not have a surplus.
  • Fixed an issue where the budget in the exempt countries did not work.
  • Made a diplomatic return of the agent, in case of capture.
  • Implemented a reduction in stability during the annexation of regions.
  • Implemented reduced stability after the accession of the puppets.
  • The transfer of technology to the newly created state has been implemented upon secession.
  • Israel is placed on the start menu of the country selection.
  • Implemented a reduction in the conscription population in non-national regions.


  • Reduced the number of days to study some magic tricks .
  • Added localization of magic tricks and national spirits.
  • Added new nats. perfume.
  • Some tricks have been improved (for the Communists, Lukas, and the EU).
  • Many magic tricks have been changed for the new DLC features.
  • Reworked events for the purchase of weapons.
  • Fixed bugs with events.
  • Added a focus and event on the development of uranium deposits.

Balance sheet:

  • Rebalanced the Taliban army.
  • The army template for Afghanistan and Israel is registered.
  • Updated warehouse to Israel.

The exact list of changes can be found at this [link](

Technology Department:

  • Fixed the cost of aviation production
  • Fixed the number of crew in the aviation industry.
  • Some of the templates of the DPRK and the United Kingdom were rewritten.

Also, we decided to choose a strategy of substantial refinement of existing branches of technology, instead of a strategy of forced creation of technologies.

  • Large-scale localization, layout and modification of ammunition was carried out.

The ammo technology branch represents the best development of technologies at the moment in our project.

In the future, a separate article will be devoted to a detailed explanation of the principle of operation. So far, just a general message.

Also, the branch is a unique phenomenon of using all the features of HOI for technologies. Unfortunately, I have not seen such a large-scale study in any project. © Secretary of the CPSU

Previously, due to the overall complexity of the work, the game could not correctly display the modifiers. In this update, this was improved, however, all the currently visible parameters worked before and significantly played out on the player.

The form for a certain type of terrain provided quite significant bonuses, however, for other regions, such a form will do more harm than good, as this text signals.

Previously, there was a hint in the description of the ammunition.

However, do not be afraid, it will not disappear anywhere.

It will be quite normal when in a desert region, your fighters in the best types of forest camouflage in chemical defense, can be carried by a more backward country, but with desert camouflage.

According to this, you need to decide on which generation of ammunition you want to stop and further develop it.

  • Improved the "Tracked Infantry Armored Vehicles" technology branch.

Now the modernization of equipment will take place through a harmonious comprehensive development.

  • Prescribed starting technologies of ammunition from the start of the game to some countries.
  • Fixed a bug in the cost of the upgraded types of equipment (air force and army).
  • Fixed the speed of medium-range and short-range SAMs on the tracked base.
  • The initial technologies of the "Tracked Infantry armored Vehicles" branch are registered»


  • Adjusted the chances of occurrence of destabilizing events.
  • Fixed spamming of events in the Caucasus conflicts.

AI Department:

  • Adjusted AI for Russia, now it considers the threat of nationalists in Ukraine more seriously.

Map Department:

  • Added the Asturias region in Spain.
  • Changed the region of Leon in Spain.
  • Fixed the display of transitions in different parts of the world (Minorca-Majorca, Sardinia-Corsica, Kiel Canal, Panama Canal, Afsleitdijk, Papua New Britain)
  • A lot of small train bugs, when the city was built incorrectly and part of it was in the water.
  • Smoothed the borders of the countries.
  • Updated Antarctica texture (added snowy plains texture).

Now Antarctica has a natural white color, which will always be shown in all map modes and settings.

  • Added the Onyx River in Antarctica.

Localization Department:

  • Increased the number of quotes in Russian.
  • Fixed an issue where the description of the technology branches was incorrect.


Version 04.02.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3 - 1.10.4)

  • Fix to version 1.10.4


Version 01.02.21 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3 - 1.10.4)


  • Fixed crash when editing the template for Germany, the United Kingdom, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
  • We discovered that Turkey's completely unprepared tricks were on public display. There is good news, they are somewhat incomplete, but still not ready and bugs will not be accepted for them.
  • Fixed bugs on Linux OS.
  • Fixed US elections.
  • Fixed placement of social resource buttons in the main menu.
  • Fixed spam the United Nations in the Declaration of war.
  • The code was refactored and the file names were audited.
  • Belarus ' magic tricks have been finalized.
  • Removed the requirement of economic reform for subsidies.
  • Fixed capitals for countries: Sardinia, Sicily, Lombardy, Piedmont and Northern Italy.
  • Constant border skirmishes have been implemented near the borders of the NKR and Azerbaijan.
  • For theocracies, there is a reason for war on religious grounds, you can only attach to yourself those territories in which there is a religious majority of your religion.


  • The composition of brigades, companies, divisions and platoons of all types of artillery has been rebalanced. Their number is close to the real one.
  • Removed numbered types of torpedo tubes.
  • The number of modules for mining and clearing water areas has been increased.
  • Research of internal combustion engines for submarines is allowed.
  • Fixed a bug with the inheritance of a modular system.
  • The number of types of small arms in Ukraine has been increased.
  • A support company of the UAV has been removed.
  • Fixed the technical name of the ATGM and MANPADS detachments.
  • Fixed mobility of support teams.


  • Fixed the population of Ulyanovsk.
  • The dominant minority in Murmansk has been removed.
  • Iron ore was removed in Italy, namely in Lombardy, Emili-Romagna, Veneto, South Tyrol and Piedmont due to the exhaustion and closure of mines in 1982.
  • Fixed the population of Attu Island.
  • Made a trap part of Antarctica.
  • Added Novogrudok, Votkinsk
  • New region added-Eupen-Malmedy


  • Fixed the display of generals — Yemen, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Finland, the United Kingdom and France.
  • Fixed the flags of the teams.
  • Some portraits of the leaders have been reworked.
  • Added leaders of Hong Kong, Turkey.
  • Added 2 generals for Macau, Transnistria, 1 general for Vatican City, 5 generals for Moldova, Italy.
  • The image in the main menu has been redesigned.


  • Localization of the development focuses of the Royal Armed Forces has been made.
  • Fixed some of the names of the parties.
  • Fixed some typos in the events, including in English.
  • Fixed localization of some national spirits.
  • Fixed the name of the agency in Belarus.
  • Redesigned the description of the technologies. Now it is more colorful and explains the good qualities of a particular type of equipment.
  • Fixed localization of some national spirits.
  • Fixed the names of Russian agents (Boshirov and Petrov became Chepiga and Mishkin).
  • Added localization of monarchs in English.
  • English localization is registered in some places.
  • Fixed bugs in the English localization.
  • Updated the localization of ammunition in English.
  • Fixed localization of BMP.


Version 30.12.20 for Hearts of Iron 4 (v1.10.3)


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hate to say this but focus tree is a huge turn off

FFU WW1 / Great War Rebalanced could you add this mod

PRO: Great Mod. Fun to Play. 

CON: Full OF russian Propaganda


mod creator is russian dummy