Mod «Vehicle Framework» for Rimworld (v1.3)

Vehicle Framework

A mod-library that allows you to add various types of vehicles to the RimWorld game (in the air, on the ground, in the water).

The authors of the "Vehicle Framework" mod:

Additional information about the "Vehicle Framework" mod:

  • Google doc for players.

  • Google doc for modders.

  • Mod workflow: Trello.

  • Discord.
  • There is a closed beta version of the mod on github, where the author adds and tests new content and fixes bugs that break the game. If you are a modder who wants to create your own mod on the "Vehicle Framework", then the beta version on github may be of interest to you.

  • If you just want to play, and not a programmer who wants to create his own mod on the mod-library (framework) "Vehicle Framework", then the author asks you to use only the steam version of the mod (which is posted on the mods site, and not any other test beta versions from the github site.

  • Please note that the mod author will not accept bug reports related to previous releases, testing or closed beta versions of the mod.

  • The "Vehicle Framework" mod-library is a continuation of the "Boats" mod that adds swimming facilities (boats, ships) to the RimWorld game. This mod is compatible with RimWorld 1.0 and 1.1 and is no longer planned to be updated by its author Smash Phil.

The mod authors are kindly requested to report any bugs and leave feedback on the Discord server.


1) "Vehicles Demo"

2) "Airplanes, Air Defense, and a very risky job." 

3) "Vehicle Patterns and Skins" 

4) "Advanced Munitions Tank Demo" 

5) "The Vehicle Framework - Pathing, Turrets, and Animations", автор "Smash Phil" 


6) "The Vehicle Framework - Mod Settings" 



  • This is a closed beta so this workshop page is marked as unlisted. At this time, the framework is now undergoing testing alongside VE Vehicles (Vanilla Expanded Framework), meaning all test vehicles have been removed. If you would still like to use this mod with the test vehicles, visit the github page and find the pre-testing release. Do note that I will not be accepting any bug reports from prior releases.


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