Mod «Type 56-1 & Type 54 pistol(CWP)» for Ravenfield (Build 19)

The type 56-1 & Type 54 pistol(CCW) mod adds a Chinese version of the AK47 and TT33 pistols to the Ravenfield game.
Type 56-1

Type 56 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. The receiver is machined from steel in early versions, the two lugged bolt locks into receiver walls. Later models, however, were made with stamped-steel AKM-type receivers, but retained the same Type 56 designation. The Type 56 has AK-47-style controls with a reciprocating charging handle and a massive safety / fire selector lever on the right side of the receiver. The furniture is made from wood, and a compact version with an underfolding metal buttstock is also available (designation is Type 56-1). Alternatively, a version with side-folding buttsock is produced as Type 56-2. The only visible difference from the Soviet AK-47 is a permanently attached spike bayonet, which folds under the barrel when not in use.

Type 54

The army of the Communist China, known as PLA (People’s Liberation Army) originally adopted 7.62mm Soviet Tokarev TT handgun in 1951 as Type 51 pistol. These guns were assembled from mix of Soviet and domestically produced parts and differed from Soviet pistols only by markings. By 1954, Chinese factories were geared up to make TT pistols fully in house, and this version was adopted by PLA and People’s Armed Police as Type 54 pistol. It fired same 7.62×25 ammunition as its Soviet parent. This ammunition is known in Chinese service as 7.62mm Type 54 pistol cartridge.Type 54 pistols served as primary sidearms for PLA and PAP personnel until adoption of a new small arms system, which happened sometime during the 1st decade of 21st century. However, due to huge size of PLA, PAP and other armed services the changeover is still far from being complete, and lots of army and police personnel in mainland Chinastill are issued Type 54 handguns.
The Type 54 is a short-recoil operated, locked-breech pistol with a Colt M1911 / Browning-type action. It is of all-steel construction. Quality of the steel is quite good, but external fit and finish is a little bit rough. The trigger is single-action, with an exposed hammer and no manual safety. The only safety feature of Type 54 is half-♥♥♥♥ notch on the hammer, but it is considered insufficiently safe for carry “with one in the chamber” and normally these pistols are carried with empty chamber and hammer down. The hammer, along with its spring and sear, forms a single unit which is easily removed during field disassembly, simplifying the routine maintenance of the pistol. Magazines are single stack, with the magazine release button located at the base of the trigger-guard, on the left side. Sights are fixed, the rear sight blade being dovetailed to the frame.

Mod checked on game version: Build 19

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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