Mod «Melee Weapon Megapack» for Ravenfield (Build 18)


The lack of melee weapons on this workshop is actually quite shocking- So I made some myself.

Introducing, my own melee megapack. This mod has 29 melee weapons, including Blunt and Sharp melees. (There are more coming in the future)

Blunt Weapons: Aluminum Bat, ASP Baton, Hammer, Golfing Irons, Police Tonfa Baton, Pipe Wrench, Sledgehammer, Shovel, Frying Pan, and a Wooden Bat

They are usually the same- Guaranteed stun, and usually a two-hit-kill (with exceptions). Pipe Wrench and the Hammer can repair vehicle, and the Sledgehammer deals NEGATIVE vehicle damage, allowing you to break unoccupied vehicles (cannot blow it up, you still have to shoot it one last time to destroy them)

Sharp Weapon: Bonesaw, Bowie Knife, Crowbar (yes, this is a sharp weapon), Fire Axe, Flip Knife, Tactical Knife, Ice Axe, Karambit, Kitchen Knife, Kukri, Machete, Spiked Bat, Swiss Army Knife, Switchblade, Tacitical "Tactical Knife", Pencil, and a Tomahawk.

Mod checked on game version: Build 18

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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