Mod «UTF-Mod Pack» for Ravenfield (Build 18)


The United Terran Federation aka.

The UTF is a conglomerate made up of thousands different branches of civil services. The UTF was founded in the year 2257 AC. The UTF sole purpose is to support all of mankind activities within known space. It's most known and valuable branches are it's Marine Corps, Civil Guard, Navigational Services, Cybernetic Analytics and The Stellar Mining Services. All of these civil services work together to sustain all other branches of resources be it humantarian, nutrient, synthetic, military or any other kind of supplies. This co-operation between all branches has made the UTF the leading force driving humanity into new unexplored frontiers.

Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is one of the primary and oldest services underneath the UTF. It was formed in the year 2264 AC. with the primary purpose of guarding the new frontiers from threats which can cause harm to the UTF or any service underneath it. It also specialises in intervening with humanitarian conflicts on colonised stellar objects like Terra, Luna, Mars, Titan and other small settlements with lesser known names. On top of intervening and protecting the frontier of UTF territory,The Marine Corps also supplies training and smaller regiments to other services in return for ships, weaponry and other needed resources. The Marine Corps is divided in multiple branches each with it's own expertise such a branch often exists out of multiple Regiments which are divided based on stellar location.

Civil Guard

The Civil Guard is a sub branch of the Marine Corps it was formed in 2294 AC. after years of unrest on the sister colony of Luna. It's main purpose is to guard the peace and prosperity of the greater UTF. It's mostly active as support service providing peace keepers, logistic of resources and maintaining intel on local conflicts which it can redirect to the greater UTF in case of emergency.

Navigational Services

The Navigational Services was formed in 2272 AC. after humanity had settled on mars and luna and was able to sustain it's own colonies a new service was formed. Responsible for the navigational infrastructure and coordination of any vessel under UTF control. The Navigational Services is crucial to the greater existence of the UTF. It's navigational infrastructure elimates the threat of rogue stellar objects be it stellar or man made to go unnoticed in the course of any vessel traveling through UTF territory. Navigational Services is also responsible for the discovery of new frontiers. It's secondary object next to overseeing UTF controlled space is expanding it. Every year it send out thousands of probes all over the solar system in an attempt to find even more safe and suitable locations for new outposts and potential collonies/settlements.

Cybernetic Analytics

Cybernetic Analytics is the research branch of the UTF specialised in creating synthetic lifeforms. It was formed in 2346 AC. after an experimental dissease of the Medical Analytics branch of the UTF caused millions of cassualties on the sister colony of Mars. The dissease caused an almost complete stop of mining operations on mars which in return decimated Terran's economy. To prevent this set back and loss of working force the Cybernetic Analytics service was founded. It's purpose? creating new slave labour wich can support the working force of the UTF. Cybernetic Analytics now not only provides civilian aid but also provides entire regiments of combat ready synthetics to the Marine Corps and Civilian Guard. The Navigational Services is also supplied with more specialised synthetics which can perform under extreme weather, corrosive and other hostile enviroments found on planet surfaces. The decenia following the foundation of the Cybernetic Analytics branch of the UTF more and more individual human found prosperity through the use of automation.

Stellar Mining Services

The Stellar Mining Services was founded in 2268 AC. and exists out of hunderd and eleven small services. Each Service underneath it is responsible for the operation and mainting mining facilities within stellar space aswel as on planetary surfaces. Such a Service provides mining equipment, personnel and resources of 1 particular mineral. Seperating each service based on their choosen mineral makes sure that every individual service can maintain full attention to finding, exploiding, mining and retrieving said mineral. This approach leads to maximum profit for the entire service in general.

This modpack contains:



  • UTFAS-M1-R1
  • UTFAS-M1-R2
  • UTFAS-M1-R3
  • UTFAS-M1-R4
  • UTFAS-M2-R1
  • UTFAS-M2-R2
  • UTFAS-M2-R3
  • UTFAS-M2-R4
  • UTFAS-M3-R1
  • UTFAS-M3-R2
  • UTFAS-M3-R3
  • UTFAS-M3-R4


  • UTFMM-M1-R1
  • UTFMM-M1-R2
  • UTFMM-M1-R3
  • UTFMM-M1-R4
  • UTFMM-M2-R1
  • UTFMM-M2-R2
  • UTFMM-M2-R3
  • UTFMM-M2-R4


  • UTFSG-M1-R1
  • UTFSG-M1-R2
  • UTFSG-M1-R3
  • UTFSG-M1-R4


  • UTFHG-M1-R1
  • UTFHG-M1-R2
  • UTFHG-M1-R3
  • UTFHG-M1-R4
  • UTFHG-M2-R1
  • UTFHG-M2-R2
  • UTFHG-M2-R3
  • UTFHG-M2-R4
  • UTFHG-M3-R1
  • UTFHG-M3-R2
  • UTFHG-M3-R3
  • UTFHG-M3-R4


  • UTFGR-M1-R1
  • UTFGR-M1-R2
  • UTFGR-M1-R3
  • UTFGR-M1-R4


  • UTFHB-M1-R1
  • UTFHB-M1-R2
  • UTFHB-M1-R3
  • UTFHB-M1-R4


  • UTFSB-M1-R1
  • UTFSB-M1-R2
  • UTFSB-M1-R3
  • UTFSB-M1-R4



  • UTF-Grunt R1
  • UTF-Grunt R2
  • UTF-Grunt R3
  • UTF-Grunt R4


  • UTF-Ops R1
  • UTF-Ops R2
  • UTF-Ops R3
  • UTF-Ops R4


  • UTF-Scout R1
  • UTF-Scout R2
  • UTF-Scout R3
  • UTF-Scout R4


  • UTF-Pilot R1
  • UTF-Pilot R2
  • UTF-Pilot R3
  • UTF-Pilot R4


  • UTF-EX R1
  • UTF-EX R2
  • UTF-EX R3
  • UTF-EX R4


  • UTF-EXA R1
  • UTF-EXA R2
  • UTF-EXA R3
  • UTF-EXA R4



  • UTFAC-M1-R1(V)
  • UTFAC-M1-R2(V)
  • UTFAC-M1-R3(V)
  • UTFAC-M1-R4(V)
  • UTFAC-M2-R1(V)
  • UTFAC-M2-R2(V)
  • UTFAC-M2-R3(V)
  • UTFAC-M2-R4(V)


  • UTFTV-M1-R1(V)
  • UTFTV-M1-R2(V)
  • UTFTV-M1-R3(V)
  • UTFTV-M1-R4(V)


  • UTFMG-M1-R1(M)
  • UTFMG-M1-R2(M)
  • UTFMG-M1-R3(M)
  • UTFMG-M1-R4(M)
  • UTFMG-M2-R1(M)
  • UTFMG-M2-R2(M)
  • UTFMG-M2-R3(M)
  • UTFMG-M2-R4(M)

Mod checked on game version: Build 18

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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