Mod «Big Irons and a Melee Minipack» for Ravenfield (Build 24)


This Pack Includes

Schofield - Also known as "Smith and Wesson Model/No. 3". A Single Action Top Break Revolver produced by "Smith and Wesson" around 1870 - 1915.

Remington 1858 New Model Army - A Single Action Revolver that can be loaded with a Ball and Gunpowder/Black Powder or a .32 Rimfire and other cartridges that fits on the cylinder (or idk..)

A very quite Unique gun in the Western Days. Rarely used by Rangers. A Colt Walker Like Revolver but it can be fast loaded by Dumping the used Cylinder out and putting a Full Loaded Cylinder. Also used on Wars like "American Civil War".

Dahong Palay - A Single edged sword from the "Philippines". Used during the Philippine Revolution of 1896.

Not a Western Related Weapon. I Just got Interested making this as a Mod For RF incase if someone going to make a Philippine-American War theme. Or maybe you can just put it on your Western config and think of it as a quite fancy curved machete.

Mod checked on game version: Build 24

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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