Mod «M1 Garret Derivatives» for Ravenfield (Build 16)


Hi! I'm back again! Never left, but that's besides the point. Today I bring you the next mod in a series of vanilla styled weapons that I'm doing.


  • The M1A1 Garrison, a domestic Eagle derivative of the Garret, semi-auto and in the .337 cartridge.
  • The M1A2 Galileo, a foreign modification of the Garret, utilized in full auto, and also using the .337 cartridge
  • The M1A1E1 Goliath, an experimental scoped variant chambered in a higher caliber round.

(Based on the BM59, M14, and .458 Garand respectively)

The M1 Garret was a good rifle, no argument about that, but it showed it's flaws when going against the RK44. It recoiled too hard, it had limited capacity en-bloc clips, and it's cartridge was outdated. The adoption of the .337 MG round brought interest toward replacing the old rifle, and thus, engineering began. Some designs were completely new, like the Pioneer .337, ancestor of the Patriot, but one prototype series promised to be able to convert the rifles, not replace them. Other contenders lost out to this series, and thus, the M1A1 Garrison[ was born. It utilized 20 round box magazines, and earlier prototypes were capable of automatic fire, but this feature was abandoned. The cost of converting rifles proved to be higher than anticipated, so not all were converted. The .337 MG round also proved to be much lower power than the original round, lowering stopping power considerably. Thus, the M1A1 series was made in much lower quantities than hoped. It is not uncommon to see the M1 and M1A1 on the battlefield together, even to this day.

The poor performance of the M1A1 rifles was unexpected, to say the least. Soon after their debut, other manufacturers began making their own takes on the design. One design proved that the automatic power of the .337 round could be tamed. Initially, domestic Eagle arms boards took little notice, so foreign countries developed the concept. One design, the Modello 1, was adopted in a foreign nation, thus earning the notice of Eagle arms boards. The automatic fire was violent, but controllable in short bursts. It was tested and modified several times, but never saw true production by domestic Eagle manufacturers, instead only being bought from foreign countries. It was given the designation M1A2 Galileo, but was never officially issued. It did see combat in small scales and in other countries, however.

The lower power of the .337 round was annoying to the Eagle military, being used to a manstopper that could easily kill in a single shot. Similar to the Loyalist that came after it, stopping power became a priority for a secretive project only known as "Goliath". Testing involved shotshells with slugs, heavier .337 loads, and even duplex bullets, but frustratingly, none fit the specifications of the program. No one expected the solution to the problem to come from the civilian sector, unknowingly. A gunsmith modified an M1 Garret to fire a high caliber round, locking the clip in the gun, and decreasing the capacity, for usage in hunting big game. The Garret was soon noticed by the arms board, who swiftly began working with the gunsmith. The product was an experimental M1 Garret with a high powered cartridge, to be used from long range. After revision and revision, the final product was a scoped, polymer-framed variant of the Garret, using a proprietary .450 cartridge, designated as M1A1E1 Goliath. Only made in limited quantities, it was issued to embassy guards and snipers, although occasionally could be found in the hands of an infantryman.

Mod checked on game version: Build 16

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To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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