Mod «Mercs & Marines | Bug-Hunt Beta» for Ravenfield (Build 16)


Toting 99-round rifles that bark explosive-tipped death at 900 rounds per minute, the US Colonial Marines are known by many as the ultimate badasses - so, what's better than a mod that gives you the tools to be the ultimate badass?

Intended to recreate the human arsenal of the ALIEN franchise, as it turns out it takes a while to put together the fifty-plus weapons i have planned alone, and it's already been months since the last public update. So, rather than make people wait longer as summer finally ends, why not open testing to anyone who's interested?

Packing the usual icons such as the pulse rifle or the smartgun, the redux is meant to take things a step further wherever possible! Be it new models, new animations, new effects, or all of the above, I want to see exactly how much I can pack in.

This said, not all ideas are good, and I've only got so much time to test them, and only so much time to hunt down bugs. So, if something's wrong or you've got ideas, let's hear 'em now!

Note - when the mod exits beta, this page will be removed and the weapons, skins, and vehicles will be separately released so you can pick and choose whatever parts you want.

The beta will end when I have put enough content into the mod to fully replace the first version of Mercs & Marines.

Stuff that's in:

  • The M41A with the underbarrel
  • The M39b with unsuppressed, suppressed, and akimbo in one gun
  • VP78 with single, flare, and dual burst
  • WY102 with normal shot and canister
  • M56 with normal shooty and crude but functional lock-on
  • M240 with alternate cobalt thermogel projectile/burns longer, is blue
  • M4A4 pistol in unsuppressed, suppressed, and akimbo all in one gun
  • Iron Bear Grunt
  • Basic Colonial Marine
  • Spacecat/AD17 Cougar, mostly needs UI and cockpit features and will be done.

Mod checked on game version: Build 16

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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