Mod «AH-90 Bandit [Horizon Defense Forces]» for Ravenfield (Build 17)


To the (almost) one-year anniversary of the Horizon Defense Forces project, I present you, the remastered version of the very first HDF mod that was ever in development- The AH-90 Bandit!

  • Manufacturer: HWT
  • Role: All-Weather Attack Helicopter
  • Users: HDF, Terra after 2305.
  • 4× Rocket Pods, can load HEDP, HEAT, Smoke, HE-Frag
  • 12x missile rack slots for DPAGM missiles, (Dual Purpose Air Ground Missiles)
  • 1x 25mm Chaingun, AP/HE/T
  • 1x Coaxial AHMG, 12.7mm AP/I/T
  • Countermeasures: ECM "Nighthawk" M21A2, Flares, H-ADS M11 Mod 1"Aegis", AMPD (Advanced Multi Purpose Decoy) "Red Herring" M24
  • Armor: Entire aircraft fuselage is rated for 12.7mm gunfire at 100m, cockpit has ballistic windows and deck armor resistant to 35mm strikes. Fuel tanks are self sealing and the engine are protected by CMCF armor blocks. The rotors are heavy duty and armored to resist 25mm strikes.
  • Sensors: IR imaging, Day/Night Sights, digital zoom 1-12x, "First Strike" ballistic computer, radar targeting with backup Infrared and laser designation.
  • Range: 1654 km
  • Speed: 650 kph
  • Max altitude: 7,500m unloaded, 7,250 combat load.
  • Climb rate: 12m/s

Information: Current general issue HDF attack helicopter. Tiltrotor design eliminates need for tail rotor and allows greater speed as well as higher air to air engagement capabilities. Somewhat more vulnerable and requiring of maintenance due to tiltrotor design.

Mod checked on game version: Build 17

How to install mod?

To install the mod for the game Ravenfield unpack the contents of the archive to the folder \Ravenfield\ravenfield_Data\Mods and enable the modification in the settings of the new game.

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