Skin «Revamped Austrian Napoleonic Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 21)


The Austrian Empire, the second huge German power that stood against Napoleon's campaigns, has finally been revamped and here for your pleasures and gratitudes.

Ten skins are featured in this pack.

  • Austrian G. Fusilier - Early
    • An Austrian soldier in the German-style uniform wearing the early-style kasket helmet. Features pink facings
  • Austrian G. Fusilier - Late
    • Much like the above, with the later Austrian shako; the facings of him are red
  • Austrian Grenadier
    • An Austrian grenadier in German-style uniform and the classy bearskin, his facings are purple
  • Austrian H. Fusilier - Early
    • Hungarian-style uniforms mainly consisted of blue trousers with Hungarian knots rather than trousers and knee-high spatterdashes, his uniform's facings are blue
  • Austrian H. Fusilier - Late
    • Again, like above, but with the new shako and gosling green facings
  • Austrian Jäger
    • The famous Austrian Jägers renowned for their cunning abilities, and of course, wearing round hats
  • Austrian Border Infantry
    • Border infantry came in a wide variety of styles, so I chose a basic example with a brown coat and orange facings (the option of purple came to mind, but decided against it!)
  • Austrian Czajkist Battalion
    • I'm unfamiliar with what this battalion was for, but on the illustrations I have seen, their caps have an anchor on them, so perhaps some naval-based work.
  • Austrian Böhmische Landwehr
    • Bohemian landwehr were a prominent, and varied, group under the empire. I have chosen a merging of two examples, as prints of the front of the main inspiration were unavailable.
  • Austrian Serbian Freikorps
    • The Serbian Freikorps, again, I don't know much about them, but their uniform was very fascinating and had some Middle East inspirations to it.

Mod checked on game version: Build 21

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