Skin «Spanish Civil War Skins» for Ravenfield (Build 21)


After being in development for a little more than a month, I feel the pack is finally ready for release. Skins for various factions that partook in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. While a fairly short conflict, a vast amount of inhumane and barbarous actions were taken during the course of it as well as the testing of various tactics; including an early example of the Blitzkrieg.

Ten skins, ranging from independent models to general reskins of other uniforms with tweaks and additions, such as heavy and light variants.

  • Spanish Carlist
    • Sporting a red beret and various insignia on his left breast pocket.
  • Spanish Republican
    • A generic Spanish Republican with a Czech Vz. 30 helmet and insignia on his right breast and arm
  • Spanish Falange
    • Dark blue uniforms with Falange insignia and the Spanish sidecap of the period.
  • Spanish International Brigade
    • Uncle Sam is coming, sort of
  • Spanish Nationalist - Heavy
    • Additional equipment as well as a blanket roll ensure he'll be ready for whatever is tossed at him
  • Spanish Nationalist - Light
    • A lighter equipment rig suited for rapid assaults and operations
  • Condor Legion
    • German forces sent to Spain; special cuff title not included
  • Spanish Anarchist
    • FAI faction, complete with a t-shirt, overalls, and wacky looking cap. He's ready to, well, do something at least.
  • Spanish Summer Republican
    • A Republican clad in short-sleeved clothing to make sure he doesn't overheat
  • Spanish Republican - Heavy
    • Prepared for long stays

Mod checked on game version: Build 21

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