Mutator «Unreal Tournament» for Ravenfield (Build 20)


Experience Unreal Tournament Gamemodes in Ravenfield !

This mod also comes with the Enforcer from UT1999. Huge thanks to Krev for providing me with the model and sounds !

Currently contains:

  • Working kill spree system (quick sprees, normal sprees)
  • 2 gamemodes

Current gamemodes:

Team Deathmatch:

2 teams, first one to reach 400 points wins the match, team with the higher score will win when the timer ends. Actors have 1.5x movement speed. Recommended with 100-120 bots on the point match gamemode.

Last Team Standing:

Each actor has 10 lives, if you run out of your lives you get removed from the game, Make sure your rank is always 1 ! You don't want your enemy to be the first. First team to die or the team that has the highest rank when the timer ends will win. Recommended on hard bot difficulty with 100-120 bots.

Keep in mind that this mutator is configurable.

Attention !

If you don't want the gamemodes, its possible to play only with the main mod that contains Killing Sprees (Mutator is called Unreal Tournament)

And if you're going to play the gamemodes, please, for the love of god only enable one gamemode at once.

Mod checked on game version: Build 20

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