Map «(PA - EotS) Clash at Isla Lyssene» for Ravenfield (Build 16)


I was not able to completely finish this map, nor was I able to make EoTS weapons, but I'm fairly satisfied with this map nonetheless, so I don't consider it "scrapped". In this map, both teams have offshore spawns from which they can launch landing craft in order to secure points on the island, including the central airfield, where torpedo bombers can be found. Each team also has a spawnpoint for destroyers and cruisers further out to sea, which they can use to destroy enemy troopships and capture their amphibious staging area. Expect the usual AI issues when it comes to ships and boats. Includes a configurable version.


  • Recommended game mode: Point match or Battalions;
  • Recommended bots: 100;
  • Recommended weapons: Second Leersog War weapons pack.


Isla Lyssene had historically seen use as an outpost for maritime traders on the Kartasian Sea. Though a small population had developed on the island, visits by merchants had grown scant by the early 400s. It would see use again in 527, coinciding with the beginning of the Westenlands Wars, and frequent naval confrontations between nations of the Commonwealth and the League. In previous years, the Darsanese had constructed an airstrip on Lycene, which was more recently militarized in hopes of assisting the League with air cover for convoys coming through to Hetland. After repeated submarine attacks on supply convoys bound for the island, and a growing threat posed by Commonwealth long-range bombers, the Darsanese withdrew their garrison, leaving behind airfield and its aircraft compliment, including torpedo bombers.

Intending to pick up Darsanna's slack, Bressia would send naval troops to the island to assume control of the now-deserted airfield. Meanwhile, the Elandric Navy would make a move to land its own occupation forces on the island, in order to deny its use to the League, and use it as a staging area for attacks on convoys, and long-range bombing missions deeper into eastern Altirus.

Mod checked on game version: Build 16

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