Advanced Zombie Injector for People Playground

Advanced Zombie Injector

The mod adds an injector, which you can find in the Chemistry folder. This is an advanced version of the vanilla zombie virus made by Maxe and Dyadushka Dyadya. Not only do these zombies get stronger, but a lot more.



  1. Insert the injector into a human limb (preferably an arm).
  2. If you don't want to become a walker, then get rid of the limb within 30 seconds (Time is different each time)
  3. When your person becomes a zombie, he becomes stronger than a normal walker, but weaker than a normal person (Limbs are not so easy to tear off)
  4. Your zombie can bite other uninfected people (Dead zombies don't bite)
  5. As an alternative to the second point: If you've been bitten in a part of your body that you can't get rid of, the only way out is to destroy your brain (You're still dead)

Requires Realistic Axe mod

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