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SCP: PPG Edition

This mod adds various SCP related humans & objects into the game, some canon, others non-canon. Most foundation internal departments have unique personnel relating to the department itself as well as 4 GOIs. Keep in mind though, GOIs don't have as many humans or objects due to it not being the soul focus of the mod (as the foundation is). If I come up with any ideas in the future and want to throw it in game, they'll probably come in a minor update either before or after the mod retires. Anyways, thanks for downloading and enjoy the mod!

  • SCP Foundation (SCP): 30 Personnel
  • United Nations Global Occult Coalition (UNGOC): 7 Personnel
  • Chaos Insurgency (CI): 3 Personnel
  • Serpent's Hand (SH): 3 Personnel
  • FBI Unusal Incidents Unit (UIU): 4 Personnel


  • 2 Protective Face Masks
  • 6 Cosmetic Items
  • 25 Armor Groups
  • Added a lot of new content
  • Various fixes and improvements

10.03.22 for Puppet Master (1.22.3)


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